Paul Marc Goulet is a pastor, CEO of Top Leader VT (VTF), counselor, and author. He is also the Senior Leader of International Church of Las Vegas.

Paul Marc has made it his life’s mission to train and develop healthy leaders worldwide. He has established an international network of churches, schools, pastors, and leaders in the marketplace.

His ultimate goal is to see individuals achieve wholeness and health: spiritually, emotionally, and relationally. Paul Marc Goulet is an accomplished entrepreneur, counselor, public speaker, philanthropist, humanitarian, corporate trainer and author of over 10 books.

Paul Marc holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Ottawa and a master’s degree in Psychology and Pastoral Counseling from Ashland University.

He has worked as a professional counselor and has helped establish four counseling centers. He is currently leading a movement in America by equipping and mentoring healthy, dynamic leaders.

He is the most proud of his amazing family. 
His wife, Denise, is a gifted speaker and their three children are accomplished in industry, sales and ministry.
Their eleven grandchildren are now growing up to carry on the family legacy.

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